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To provide a platform to access robust professional coaching services and data-driven methodology that empowers groups and individuals to optimize productivity across the pillars of health/wellness, career/finance, community/philanthropy, relationships and more.


Via exclusive access to an ever-growing multidisciplinary team of vetted expert consultant/coaches, we develop strategic and actionable goals, and build a Community toward maximizing your professional and personal growth through life’s many transitions.
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We offer both conventional, in-person sessions, as well as interactive video conferencing so you can experience all of the benefits of Dr. Haynes Collective anywhere that’s right for you. 

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The Collective offers multiple programs helping you to best achieve innovative, sustained performance: Coaching, Training & Consulting. We pride ourselves in instilling both knowledge and compassion to navigate varied challenges of professional and personal growth and accountability.

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The Collective develops, facilitates and executes a customized strategic plan for optimizing business and wellness goals, as well as to adapt to changing environments. The Collective is unique (and differs from psychological therapy) in that it features multidisciplinary experts from diverse backgrounds who set specific direction toward achieving innovative, sustained performance.

About Dr. Haynes

Tech/Start-Up Co-Founder

CEO & C-Suite Executive

Venture Capitalist/Angel Investor

Clinical Psychologist/Researcher

Tenured Professor

International Public Speaker

Wellness Coach

Married 20+ Years, Mother of 2

Immigrant Vantage Point

As a youth growing up in one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Dr. Sarah Haynes learned to adapt to varied cultural norms. After immigrating to America, she was presented new obstacles to navigate and did so successfully. As a student, she studied psychology (including racial identity research), while also serving as a student athletic trainer for Division 1 athletes.

At age 29, Dr. Haynes earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. At 31, she completed her postdoctoral clinical training—to improve health outcomes among African-American and Latina communities—and then was invited to join the full-time clinical research faculty at Georgetown School of Medicine. At 35, she was a tenured professor.

On the heels of setting scholastic curves at leading academic institutions Georgetown and UC-Berkeley, Sarah was recruited to Silicon Valley to join a prominent Venture Capital firm. As Chief of Staff of a firm with $650M under management, she worked directly with founders in leading the investment committees of Uber, Airbnb, Cue, Curology, Doctors on Demand, Slack and Hyperloop One. And it was in San Francisco that Dr. Haynes began leading goal-setting/team-building retreats for individuals and groups seeking to maximize both professional and personal growth—and her methodology was met with resounding approval, in the form of frequent repeat participants.

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She has supported company founders and C-Suite executives; pitched billionaires and VIP investors; and collaborated with Fortune 500 CEOs and world-class athletes, including Usain Bolt. At her core, however, Dr. Haynes is one who seeks to contribute to and elevate society by way of supporting diversity and inclusion. Social corporate responsibility is a foundation of every company she launches and with which she aligns. And it’s why for every hour she devotes to coaching clientele of the Collective, she donates an equal hour of time to coaching with non-profit organizations.

Sarah is a charitable entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an activist, a volunteer and a mother. She combines all of these varied mindsets and strategies to collaborate with her Community, toward maximizing both professional and personal growth in the pursuit of happiness and balance. And if you’re an ambitious individual or organization seeking to execute at the highest level, she can do the same for you.

Dr. Haynes has worked in multiple sectors and roles, including: micro-mobility transportation, as the co-founder, Co-CEO and Chairwoman of Bolt Mobility; business development; venture capital; behavioral health; and collaborative consumption. She previously served as the Chief of Staff for Sherpa Capital, a leading venture capital firm with more than $650M under management. In this role, she managed due-diligence research, organization policy, team building, coaching, maximizing human potential and organizational development. Dr. Haynes was also instrumental in the creation and maintenance of community relationships and corporate social-responsibility initiatives.

In 2000, Sarah earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology and holds a certificate from the Professional Management Certificate Program (PMCP) at Georgetown University. Her extensive education includes graduate, undergraduate and certification programs from an array of universities, which include: University of California Berkeley, Georgetown University, NSU and University of Maryland.

Sarah was previously a member of the full-time faculty on clinical research at Georgetown University School of Medicine, where she served as a health educator and a team leader/project management for an NIH-funded research protocol aimed at improving health outcomes for minority populations in five major hospitals in Washington, D.C. Sarah was also a policymaker shaping community and organizational behavior in large institutions.

Dr. Haynes’ additional credentials include: serving as an active Program Volunteer with the YMCA of Silicon Valley, where she helped individuals set and achieve individual wellness goals; holding a position on the steering committee for UNICEF USA, to support disaster and humanitarian relief; and helping to alleviate poverty in Puerto Rico through The Pishevar Family Foundation.

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